Women in Business Wednesday Update!


I am going to keep this topic pretty short and straight to the point. Some weeks I may highlight someone that is well established and already has a super successful business. Other weeks it may be someone that’s just starting out that I want to help encourage and highlight and/or bring attention to. I plan on mentioning the person on Facebook and in my stories on Instagram, so you can directly link to their page, see their work and hopefully give them a follow! It may be someone in the furniture painting business, but most of the time it probably won’t be, I want to spice it up! Either way, I want you to be inspired and hopefully supportive to the other women around you. I am not trying to start a huge movement or say women are better than men or men are better than women or whatever, no, I am just trying to be supportive and uplifting to others because everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes! It’s hard being a lady, a mom (or not), running a business, keeping the house, etc. We are all trying our best and I want to make sure I am encouraging and supporting others by doing this!

If you’re not already following me (Market House Restorations), click on the blue Facebook icon on the right side of this web-page to get a direct link to my page. I can’t wait for you to be inspired each Wednesday as I share my favorite #WomenInBusiness!! See you there!!