#FridaysWithFallon: Cordless Nail Gun




Today I'm sharing one of my favorite tools! This cordless brad nailer is a game changer! No hose, air compressor or electricity involved. It's perfect for restoring furniture because it doesn't put out too much power like an industrial nail gun. We use it all over the house, too! Click HERE for my affiliate link!

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Fridays With Fallon: March Madness


It's #FridaysWithFallon and it's finally March!! This means 3 things to me:

1. It's March. 🤷‍♀️


3. It's almost Spring!

I'm passionate about sports. I played AAU basketball up-and-down the East Coast for many years. I still love the game today, but as crazy as it sounds I actually decided to play volleyball instead of basketball in college because I Iove that game, too. Sometimes I think my athletic skills have paid off, especially if I'm lifting a 100+ lb piece of furniture, or if I'm trying to gracefully stretch half-way across the room to paint a kitchen cabinet without falling on my face. Other times, I remember I'm not as athletic as I used to be...after I actually did fall on my face. Suck. Haha. Anyway, sports are something that have shaped and formed me to the person I am today. I love them and I especially love March!! Let the madness begin!!

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It’s March!

Let the madness begin!

Fridays With Fallon: Real life


I thought I would show you the pretty (🤣) side of my job! My husband snapped these pictures yesterday after I spent hours sanding and prepping one of my pieces. I was spent and clearly not pumped about having my picture taken. Hahahaha. 

In case you were wondering, this is why you pay a little more for your furniture to be done the correct way and it's also why I don't get my nails done or wear a lot of makeup. 😂

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Fridays With Fallon: I've made sooo many wreaths!!


I used to be a big crafter before I started painting furniture full-time. If I had an old spaghetti jar, a piece of wood, an old piece of fabric or a frame of some sort, I’d find a way to make a craft with it! All.The.Time. In fact, I’ve probably made close to 400 maybe even 500 wreaths over the years! Wowzers!

My sister and I teamed up for a few years and rented a booth at a local consignment shop. We also participated in numerous vendor markets and craft shows. Wreaths and furniture were my main gig. I made every type of wreath, except mesh. I never really got into that style, but I loved making wreaths with fabric, burlap, rope, greenery, jute, etc! The stinky part is that I can’t find all my pictures of the ones I once made!! I even had a photo-book made with all of my wreath options, but I have no idea where that went. Shame on me! I did however, manage to find a few on my old computer though. Here are some of them. The shaggy fabric ones were literally made from 6 yards of fabric. Shew!

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Fridays With Fallon: Cooper the Beagle


It’s #FridaysWithFallon and I want you to meet my little helper, Cooper. He is almost 10 years old, but he still looks like a puppy. He is such a good dog!! We also had another beagle, but she passed away almost a year ago. She was my helper too. I painted to the sound of her snoring. When I was growing up I had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lived to be 18 years old. He was an awesome dog and opened my heart to becoming a dog lover!!

Nothing makes me happier than a sweet pup! Happy Friday, friends! See you all tomorrow for #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon!

Fridays With Fallon: First Piece In The New Studio!


I feel like it's been forever since I actually painted a piece of furniture. The past 6 weeks (well, more like 5 months) have been a whirlwind! Swipe to see the before-and-afters of this custom piece I just finished for a sweet client!

I'm also making this my #FridaysWithFallon because this was my first piece in my new space!! I'm excited to finally be working in the studio and painting furniture instead of painting all of the walls and baseboards in the studio. Yay!! 

*Painted with General Finishes Antique White, distressed and highlighted with Van Dykes Brown Glaze. The background is a custom color to fit my clients decor. 

Fridays With Fallon: 4 Years Ago


December is a crazy month! We celebrate my husband’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas Eve, Christmas, our daughter’s birthday and New Year’s Eve! Shew! We are also finishing up the details in our studio, so life has been a whirlwind this month.

This coming Sunday we celebrate our daughter’s 4th Birthday. She is our carefree, wild child. The one that compassionate yet competitive. She has the biggest dimples in the world and is a spiting image of her momma. We love her to the moon and back even though she keeps us on our toes…all.the.time.

I love these pictures of me holding her in my belly when I was pregnant with her. It’s hard to believe it was 4 years ago!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Photo credit: Aprille Tobey Photography

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Fridays With Fallon: Happy Anniversary!


The hubs and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this past Sunday. 12 years, y'all! Goodness, time goes too fast. Anyway, my husband, Christian, is an awesome guy and an even better husband. Anyone that has met him would totally agree. He is also a goofball! Haha. Dinosaur costume, anyone!? He has supported and allowed me to become the person God designed me to be. Again, I say..."He has supported and allowed me to become the person God designed me to be." How awesome it that? Can you say that about your spouse? I'm not trying to sound "cocky" or "arrogant" by ANY means, no, I am just saying, if God is calling your spouse to do something maybe you shouldn't give them such a hard time because you're in a "comfortable" situation. Are you truly thinking about them or yourself? We could have easily stayed in our comfortable situation. I could have stayed in the corporate world when our first child was born, but my husband supported my decision to stay home because I felt like that was what God was calling me to do. At the time I was making more money, I carried the insurance, the 401k, all that jazz, but he supported my decision even though it made things extremely tight. Sure, there have been hard times, but I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him and I mean that with my whole heart. What if he didn't allow me stay home? What if he didn't allow me to paint? I would have never found this passion and would have never had the chance to open my own business. What if he held me back and said, "Fallon, I think you need to find a different outlet because we are really struggling financially." Never once did he say this.

Throughout the years I worked a couple of part time jobs with our kids in tow to help pay the bills, but he never crushed my dream of painting for a living. On the flip side of that, I allowed him to pursue his career, leaving me with the kids from 8am - 5pm by myself Monday - Friday every.single.week. for 8 years. Shew! Some weeks were super long, he was starting to travel a lot and I was flat out exhausted, but we knew it's where God wanted us and so we followed that and supported each other.

Long story-short... here we are 12 years later. I am currently typing this as I sit in my beautiful studio that he had built for me, because he believes in me. WoW! You know what the best part about it is? Two weeks ago he started a new job working from home. God knew from the beginning that this was going to happen. I had originally built a storage room in my studio the same size as my office. That storage room has been transformed into Christian's new office, so we now work across the hall from each other. Haha. How cool is that?! 12 years later, we are both working from home and supporting each other's dreams all while we BOTH raise our kids. God is good and so is marriage...it just takes a lot of prayer, patience, communication, support and smooches 😉. It's amazing what can happen if you allow your spouse to become the person God designed them to be! Even though we have already been married 12 year's, I feel like our story is just getting started because we have believed and supported each other along the way. I'm excited to see what else God has in store for us.

Happy Anniversary, babe!!

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Fridays with Fallon: Introduction Video


Thank you so much for tuning in to my first #FridaysWithFallon, One of the downsides to an online business is that you can’t interact with people in person, so each Friday I will share tid bits about myself and my family so you can get to know me a little better. Hopefully this will help fill that void and you can get to know me on a more personal level. With that being said, I thought it would be appropriate to share my very first intro/launch video that I used when I announced my business on August 30, 2017. I won’t provide an awesome video like this each week, in fact, it may just be something simple that I state on Facebook or Instagram, but hopefully this will help you relate and get to know the face behind Market | House Restorations a little better!