Fridays With Fallon: I've made sooo many wreaths!!


I used to be a big crafter before I started painting furniture full-time. If I had an old spaghetti jar, a piece of wood, an old piece of fabric or a frame of some sort, I’d find a way to make a craft with it! All.The.Time. In fact, I’ve probably made close to 400 maybe even 500 wreaths over the years! Wowzers!

My sister and I teamed up for a few years and rented a booth at a local consignment shop. We also participated in numerous vendor markets and craft shows. Wreaths and furniture were my main gig. I made every type of wreath, except mesh. I never really got into that style, but I loved making wreaths with fabric, burlap, rope, greenery, jute, etc! The stinky part is that I can’t find all my pictures of the ones I once made!! I even had a photo-book made with all of my wreath options, but I have no idea where that went. Shame on me! I did however, manage to find a few on my old computer though. Here are some of them. The shaggy fabric ones were literally made from 6 yards of fabric. Shew!

Thanks for reading today's #FridaysWithFallon. See you tomorrow for #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon!