Staging Saturdays: Introduction


Most of you know that I have written an eBook about staging called, Your Virtual Storefront. The Complete Guide to Staging Painted Furniture. While I am not going to give away every tip and trick that I offer in my eBook, I will still give you some simple advice each week on how to go about staging your furniture. My eBook is more for the artist who is trying to sell their furniture but the great thing about #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon is that I will try and write these tips to help everyone, not just the furniture artist. So, if you’re someone who needs help decorating your furniture and/or space within your home, #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon will help you too!!

Today I am going to start with some basic rules that I follow when I am staging and/or decorating a piece of furniture:

  1. The large areas should be neutral and cohesive.

  2. Smaller areas should have pops of natural color and should compliment the style of furniture.

  3. Add a little texture. This will help grab the light in different ways to give the area a different perspective and dimension.

  4. Varying Heights. Tall vase of flowers, small stack of books…

  5. Keep it clean, crisp and clutter free.

I’m going to keep #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon simple each week so you’re not overwhelmed. By doing this, hopefully it will make it easier for you to learn and apply these tips over time. I suggest making a new Board on your Pinterest page so you can keep them all in one place and refer back to each blog post when you need to!

Thanks so much tuning in today and I will see you Monday for #MondayMakeoversWithFallon!