New to Thrifting and Couponing!? Do this ONE thing as you get started!


Happy New Year, everyone!! Thanks for stopping by today for #ThriftyThurdaysWithFallon. Since the beginning of the year is always about starting “fresh” I want you to do something to kick-start your “thrifty year” as we start off 2019! Read below:


I want you to create an email address that is solely for store discounts/promotions, store membership loyalty cards, grocery coupons, restaurant deals, etc. This email address is not to be used for your regular communication and everyday-life items, keep those separate.

We live in a digital world so EVERYWHERE you go someone wants your email address. Paper coupons are fading their way out (ohhh, how I have clipped hundreds of those bad boys), so by creating an email address specifically for these items, it helps you stay organized which is return helps you save money.

I created an email address for this purpose about 10 years ago and I still use it to this day. I have always used Gmail, so if for example, if I need to look up a coupon for Hobby Lobby, I don’t have to scroll through 100 different emails. Instead, I just log into my “thrifting” email and type, Hobby Lobby, in my email search bar and all of my emails from Hobby Lobby come up in a matter of seconds. It’s awesome! Or if I need to order pizza for our family pizza night, I just type in the name of the restaurant we are ordering from that week and boom, there is my coupon. This also helps me remember my log-in, which is typically my email address, if I have created accounts for these places to receive their “points or loyalty stars” allowing me to redeem them for free item’s after they have accumulated. You can also use this email address for places like, Wayfair, Ebay, Amazon, etc. It’s totally up to you, but it is a great way to keep all of these items together and organized.

The thing I like the most about having my “thrifting” email address is that I don’t have to worry about companies spamming my regular email address. If a store or a company sells my email to a third party (because let’s be honest most of them do), it’s okay. Plus, it frees up my regular email, allowing me to stay focused on items that may actually be really important.

Now, go create an address specifically for your thrifting needs. Trust me, you will be glad you did!! It makes things so much easier in the end!

By the way, I hope you took advantage of my tips last week and stocked up on some great after-Christmas deals. If you did, comment below and let me know if/where you got your great deals!

Thanks again for tuning it today!! It’s going to be a great “thrifty” year!!