A Few Quick Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping At Yard/Garage Sales. #ThriftyThursdaysWithFallon


How to find the best yard-sales:

You need to do your homework. The evening before you go yard-sale’ing (or the morning of) research nearby yard sales in your local newspaper, on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Take note of the locations of each yard sale. Is it in a nice neighborhood? Are they only selling item’s you don’t need? Does it take too long to get there? This way you can prepare ahead of time and figure out the route you want to take. If the ads have pictures, take a good look at them and see if there is anything you can’t live without!

Yard sales are my jam!!  You can find so many great deals on not only furniture and décor but also on many other things such as baby toys, kid’s clothes, etc.  The more you yard-sale, the better you get.  I have been doing it pretty hard core for about 10 years now, so I feel like I’m a professional “yard sale’r” and know how to get the best deals on most items.

I have always told my husband, “The early bird may get the worm, but the late bird gets the deal!”  Normally, you want to get to yard sales early so you can get the best items first, but most of the time you are going to pay asking price, even though it is still a yard-sale price, because it is early in the day.  If you show up to a yard sale about an hour before they start shutting it down, you can usually get a great deal because the sellers just want to get rid of their “junk.”  Same goes for bad weather.  If storm clouds are rolling in, get the deals while you can because the people hosting the yard-sale typically want to get rid of as much as they can before it rains.

*Quick tip: Do not wear your best outfit to yard sales, if you look like you have a lot of money, then you are not going to get the best deal.  Trust me. Look respectable, just do not overdo it.

As I stated last Thursday, after all, you are on someone’s personal property. Of course, they are allowing you on their property for the sale, but keep in mind that these items belong to someone and they are trying to make a little money.. They have gone through the trouble of gathering the items, pricing everything and advertising the sale. If they wanted to give the items away for free, they would have donated them already. Be respectful.and thankful for the opportunity to purchase these things at a discounted price.

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Thank you so much for reading this blog post today for #ThriftyThursdaysWithFallon. I truly appreciate you stopping by and I hope this information helps! If you do find something, let me know! I want to see your treasures and celebrate with you! Happy yard sale’ing shopping!! See you tomorrow for #FridaysWithFallon!

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