The best brush for painting spindles, detailed moldings and getting those hard to reach spots!


Have you ever painted a chair with spindles and thought to yourself, what have I gotten myself into!? This is going to take forever! Don’t worry, we all have! If you don’t have a spray gun, which most people don’t, it can be a very daunting task. So let’s fix that! All you need is this awesome Round Brush by Zibra. It will make painting these areas so much easier and more enjoyable!! This awesome brush is “must” have in your painters tool box! Like all Zibra brushes, this one provides a smooth paint application which is key to helping you achieve minimal brush marks. See my video below!

The Zibra Round Brush, is a 1” round bristle brush that was designed specifically for painting spindles, detailed moldings, trim, candlesticks, corbels, etc.. The gentle bristles form well to ornate surfaces while still providing maximum coverage. It has an ergonomic hourglass shaped handle that fits comfortable in your hand. The brush also holds a nice amount of paint, so you don’t have to re-dip it into your paint every-other-second allowing you to cover more area in less time. The Zibra Round Brush is also pocket friendly, costing somewhere between $10 - $15, depending on where you purchase it.

Each Zibra Brush is made with a smooth bristle technology unlike a conventional bristle brush. It can be used with all types of paint mediums and stains and you only need soap and water to clean it up (as long as you used a water based paint). I use it when I am painting with milk paint, acrylic milk paint, chalk paint and latex. They clean up super well too.

As I stated in the blog post where I discussed the Zibra Triangle Brush, (Click here to watch/read that post) I want you to know that I do have an affiliate link through Zibra’s website and of course, I would love for you to use it, but in all honesty, you can get them at The Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement if you need to go ahead and start your painting project. I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to use one because they really do help with your painting needs! You can also enter to win a Zibra Round Brush for FREE!! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on either my Facebook or Instagram post stating that you have read it and you have also shared it. All those that comment and state where they have shared the blog post will be entered into the random drawing. (Giveaway ends at Midnight EST on Friday, February 8, 2019. Winner will be contacted via DM and/or email, so make sure you enter your email address. Winner will be announced on social media, Sunday, February 10, 2019. You must be at least 18 years of ago, within the US and agree to be mentioned on social media.) There will be 1 winner for this giveaway. Winner will receive a Zibra Round Brush!.

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