Your Virtual Storefront. The Complete Guide To Staging Your Painted Furniture.


This week I am going to keep it quick and simple. In case you didn’t already know, I wrote an eBook called Your Virtual Storefront. The Complete Guide To Staging Your Painted Furniture. If you advertise or sell your painted furniture online, then you HAVE to stage it like it's the Virtual Storefront of your business!! As a furniture staging expert, I've seen first hand how staging can make or break a furniture painting business. Let's also not forget that good staging equals a higher dollar for your work, SO, to help you out, I buckled down and spilled ALL of my furniture staging secrets in this eBook. I walk you through, step-by-step from start-to-finish on how to stage your painted furniture! It's a game changer for you and your business!!


"I first discovered Fallon’s work when she tagged Country Chic Paint in an Instagram post. I was immediately attracted to her light, soft imagery that really makes you feel as though you’ve been welcomed into a shabby chic, country home. She creates clean lines with carefully structured staging that draws your attention and makes you fall head-over-heels for each and every piece she creates!”  – Country Chic Paint

“It is a great pleasure and a boon to our business to have Fallon’s work and photography featured on our website. I can say with certainty that her staging works wonders to increase our hardware sales and I’m sure it does the same for her furniture.”  – D. Lawless Hardware

“Staging is important when photographing and selling your furniture pieces! I love how Fallon at Market House Restorations uses minimal pieces for a clean fresh vibe!” – Old Barn Milk Paint

 “Fallon is one of the best furniture refinishers we have seen. Her talent and knowledge base is extraordinary. We have noticed over the years that many furniture refinishers create phenomenal pieces but dilute the WOW appeal of their piece by poor staging - Fallon incorporates strong yet simple staging techniques, which keep the focus on her beautiful results.” – Zibra Paint

Click here to purchase my eBook! The small investment is well worth it!!