The Purpose of Staging Your Painted Furniture!


Here is today’s quick tip on staging your painted furniture. I took these words from the first page of my Staging eBook, Your Virtual Storefront, because I think they are so important for you to hear!

If you want to “wow” your potential client, and sell your piece of furniture quickly, then it is important to put in time and effort and stage it correctly.  The purpose of staging is enhance and draw attention to your piece so it will sell quickly.

If you advertise a piece of painted furniture on the internet, stage it like it is the “storefront window” of your business. First impressions are critical! You want to virtually bring the piece to life by grabbing the person’s attention so they emotionally commit as soon as they see your photo. The goal is to get them to “walk-into” (or “click-on” in this case), your photo. Competition is fierce in our digital world, and, because of that, you want your piece to immediately stand out when someone is scrolling through his/her phone or tablet. 

Everything in the advertising world is staged: from pictures in magazines and paper ads, to photos online.  Professional companies do not put pictures in front of their advertisers that are dark or unappealing because it does not sell their product!   Why should your piece of furniture be any different? If you are trying to sell, stage!  Keep in mind that, furniture staging is slightly different than home staging.  While they do go hand-and-hand, you are trying to sell a piece of furniture, so you want the focus to be on that one piece, not an entire room.  Keep it simple, and clutter free so the eye is drawn to the piece of furniture and not everything else.  Staging should not be intimidating or stressful; it should be simple and fun. You have worked so hard to find a piece of furniture, clean it, fix it, prep it, paint it, seal it; now is the time to reveal the true beauty of your piece by staging it!

If you want to learn numerous tips and tricks on how to stage your furniture, here is the link to my eBook, Your Virtual Storefront. The Complete Guide to Staging Painted Furniture. It has over 20 pages of jammed packed information that will help you take your staging to the next level! I appreciate you stopping by for #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon. I will see you Monday for #MondayMakeoversWithFallon!


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