How to Stage Your Furniture Effectively: Podcast Hosted by Zibra Painting. #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon



Last month I had the honor of being interviewed on Zibra’s Podcast with Katie Cloud, owner and artist of, Katie & Co. Furniture Restorations. We talked about how to effectively stage your furniture and provide you with tips on how to stage for success. You can listen to the podcast below!

Season 1  Episode 7

How to stage your furniture effectively: An interview with Katie Cloud and Fallon Yates

If you want to learn numerous tips and tricks on how to stage your furniture, here is the link to my eBook, Your Virtual Storefront. The Complete Guide to Staging Painted Furniture. It has over 20 pages of jammed packed information that will help you take your staging to the next level! I appreciate you stopping by for #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon. I will see you Monday for #MondayMakeoversWithFallon!

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