All About BACKDROPS! #StagingSaturdaysWithFallon



Backdrops are really important when it comes to staging your painted furniture. If you are thinking of having a permanent staging area, or even if you’re not, I would suggest having an area where your backdrop/wall is at least 8 ft tall and/or the height of your ceiling.

Backdrops should be a solid color with no distractions in the background (graffiti, electrical outlets, cords, etc.). I recommend your backdrop be neutral, unless you want your brand to have a different look with a certain backdrop that isn’t neutral because it goes with the genre or style of your painted furniture. Composition is very important.

For the purpose of a backdrop, if you don’t have a wall you can use, item’s such as, bead board, paneling, wood planks, shiplap or brick panels work well, too. You could also use a garage door, fence panels, old doors (that are neutral and look similar), the backside of a shed, or the siding, brick, cement, or stucco on the outside of your house. Make sure there are no distractions in the background if you do decide to stage outside (ie: other homes, cars, mailboxes, etc.).

Remember, the purpose of staging is to highlight your beautiful piece of furniture. If your backdrop is too busy, it may take away from the piece. Keep the focus on what’s important so you can hopefully sell your piece quickly.

Make sure you tune in next week because I will be going over FLOORING!

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