Step-by-Step Guide, Industrial Desk Makeover


Happy New Year’s Eve!! Today’s Monday Makeover is actually something I redid for myself. Can you believe it? I saw it for sale on Facebook Marketplace and immediately knew I wanted it for my new office space. Since my studio/office is more on the industrial side I wanted a desk to go along with that style. I loved the bones of the desk, but wasn’t crazy about the finish it had on it, so purchased it and gave it a face-lift! Now it goes perfect in my new space! See the process below:


  • I removed the drawers, took off the knobs (placed them in a Ziplock bag).

  • I cleaned the whole piece with Krud Kutter and shop towels

  • I knew I was going to use different handles, so I went ahead and filled the holes on the drawers. I did this using wood filler and a soft putty knife. I will provide a video tutorial on this soon!

  • I put 220 grit sandpaper on my random orbital sander and sanded every inch of the desk and made sure I smoothed out the wood filler I applied to the drawers too.

  • I then vacuumed off all of the sanding dust, the inside of the drawers and I also vacuumed the inside of the table where each drawer sits

  • I cleaned the whole piece with Krud Kutter and shop towels again.

  • I did a slightly different process for the table-top since I was planning on staining it versus painting it. Since the top was pretty dinged up, I decided not to strip it, instead I put 150 grit sandpaper on my random orbital sander and sanded off the original stain so that I could stain it a different color. This helped smooth out those rough areas in the wood while also helping me prep for the new stain. I then took a 150 grit piece of sandpaper and hand-sanded the top to make sure there weren’t any “swirls” in the wood. Since this piece was made of pine, which is soft wood it can easily get swirls, so the hand-sanding is imperative after using the orbital sander. When I was done sanding, I vacuumed of the top and then cleaned it really well with Mineral Spirits.

  • Once the prep process was complete, I waited 24 hours to make sure any of the chemical products I used had ample time to dry. Then I applied my paint…


Once everything was nice and dry, I put everything back together and my husband added and re-positioned the new handles for me. The industrial knobs are from Wayfair.

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