Step-by-Step Guide: Agate 3-Drawer Dresser Makeover


As soon as I saw this oak dresser and the beautiful hardware, I knew I wanted to paint it dark blue. However, since it was an older piece, I didn’t want the paint to look perfect. I wanted it to look warn with a little bit of distressing and chip around the edges. See the process below on how I achieved the look I was going for:


The Prep Process:

  • I removed the hardware and since I knew I was going to reuse it, I placed each one in a labeled ziplock bag so I could return the pulls to the exact location they came off of.

  • I cleaned the hardware (here is a short video to see how I clean pulls like the ones on this dresser). I also cleaned and shinned up the key holes using the same process, except I carefully did it while they were still attached to the drawer. I didn’t want to risk taking them out of the drawer since they were so old.

  • The piece was really clean when I purchased it, but I went ahead and cleaned it with Krud Kutter before I scuff-sanded everything with 220 grit sandpaper.

  • After I sanded it, I vacuumed it really well and cleaned it again with Krud-Kutter.

The Painting Process:

  • For the body of the piece I used Agate by Old Barn Milk Paint. I applied two coats with my Zibra 2” Palm Pro letting each coat dry well in-between.

  • Once both coats were dry, I lightly hand-sanded it with 220 girt sandpaper to give it an aged look. By doing this it added some depth to the piece. The paint also naturally chipped in a few places which was exactly what I wanted!

  • I sealed the entire piece with Clear Wax by Old Barn Milk Paint. After it sat on the piece for about 30 minutes, I buffed it with a shop towel to make it nice and smooth.

  • I put the original handles back on. I love how they shinned up and looked so great with the dark blue!! This piece still had the original skeleton key with it, too…and it worked!! How cool is that!?

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