Step-by-Step Guide, Modern-Farmhouse Hutch Makeover


This pine hutch had great bones it just needed a face lift! Read below to see the process I took to make this hutch the perfect modern-farmhouse piece.

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  • I removed the drawers, took off the knobs (placed them in a Ziplock bag), took out the spindles in the center and removed the top hutch from the bottom table because it was two separate pieces

  • The piece was already super clean so I put 220 grit sandpaper on my random orbital sander and sanded every inch of it

  • I then vacuumed off all of the sanding dust, the inside of the drawers and I also vacuumed the inside of the table where each drawer sits

  • I cleaned the whole piece with Krud Kutter and shop towels

  • I did a slightly different process for the table-top since I was planning on staining it versus painting it. Since this piece was made of pine, which is a soft wood, I decided not to strip it, instead I put 150 grit sandpaper on my random orbital sander and sanded off the original stain so that I could stain it a different color. I then took a 150 grit piece of sandpaper and hand-sanded the top to make sure there weren’t any “swirles” in the wood. When I was done sanding, I vacuumed of the top and then cleaned it really well with Mineral Spirits

  • Once the prep process was complete, I waited 24 hours to make sure the chemical products I used had ample time to dry.

THE PAINTING PROCESS: Pine tends to have knots so I knew there was a good chance they would bleed through if I didn’t seal them really well before adding my paint color, especially since I was going to be applying antique white. In fact, if you look at the before picture of this piece, you can actually see where one of the knots bled through the manufacturer’s finish. It’s located on the front left leg about half way down. You can also visible see knots on the top molding, so I wanted to make sure I covered those up realllllllly well. How did I do this?!

Once everything was nice and dry, I put everything back together, lined the drawers with cute paper and added new oil-rubbed bronze knobs from D Lawless Hardware. They have great options on hardware and are pocket friendly, so make sure you check them out.

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