Step-by-Step Guide, A Simple White Table Makeover


Isn’t this the cutest little table? It was a custom piece I re-did for a client. It definitely needed a refresh and some fixing, but it was a pretty simple process! See below.


  • I cleaned this piece with a 3M sponge and TSP

  • After it was dry, I sanded the top of the piece with 120 grit on my orbital sander and then hand sanded the legs with a 120 grit piece of sandpaper

  • I vacuumed off all of the sanding dust

  • I cleaned the whole piece one more time Krud Kutter and shop towels. I wanted to make sure any lose dirt and dust from where I sanded it was completely gone


  • I spray-primed the whole piece with a coat of BIN /Shellac to prevent any potential bleed through

  • Once the Shellac was dry, I lightly hand sanded the piece with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the primer

  • I vacuumed the sanding dust so the surface was nice and clean

THE FIXING PROCESS: Just as a side note, I typically fix my pieces before I prime, but I did this piece backwards because it came apart on me during the priming process.

  • I glued the loose areas with Titebond and clamped everything until the glue was nice and dry. I also fixed any screws that had come loose.

  • I filled in the gaps under the table. There wasn’t a lot I could do with this area because the wood had warped. I filled the gaps with caulk to make the piece look nice and complete. Tune in tomorrow for my #TuesdaysTipsWithFallon tutorial so you can see this process.


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