Antique Drop Leaf Table Makeover Step-by-Step Guide! Trash to treasure!


I found this antique drop leaf table on the side of the road and as soon as I saw the square nails from the 1800's I knew the value and potential and was definitely willing to put in the work to make it beautiful again.

The character on this piece is awesome!! After hours of work, it's now an awesome, authentic farmhouse drop-leaf table See the process below.

This piece was split and broken in a lot of places. I think I had clamps on it for a couple of weeks total. The legs were uneven, so my husband cut the bottoms and I sanded them down make them even. The before pictures speak for themselves, haha. I cleaned and sanded the heck out of this piece. As far as the colors go, I wanted them to go along with the age of the table, so I chose a primitive green for the base and a natural/raw look for the top so you could see the beautiful imperfections.

I decided to take off one of the drop-leaf's because somewhere along the way it was changed out with a mismatched warped board. I kept it though in case the person who bought it would want it, but did not add it back to the table. With that being said, the person who ended up purchasing it bought it to use as a desk and was going to push it up against the wall anyway, so the extra leaf didn’t matter. Yay!

The Prep Process:

  • I scrubbed this piece from top to bottom with TSP.

  • I glued and fixed every crack, split and broken area with Titebond and clamps

  • I decided to sand off the stain on the top since it was coming off any way. I used 120 grit sandpaper on my Orbital Sander, followed by 220 grit to clean up the roughness from the 120 grit. For the base, I hand sanded with 220 grit sandpaper

  • Vacuumed the piece

  • I cleaned the whole thing again with TSP. Once it was nice and dry I started the painting process.

The Painting Process:

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