Humidor to Side Table Makeover #MondayMakeoversWithFallon


This is one of those pieces that you walk by and you’re like, “Oh my goodness! What a cute little table!” I instantly saw the potential because of it’s petite size! See the process below.

The Prep Process:

  • I removed the hardware and the door. I wasn’t crazy about the door because it drooped a little, so I went ahead and took it off. I also knew I was going to replace the top so I went ahead and unscrewed it and took it off as well.

  • Even though this piece was a humidor, it was pretty clean. I think it was used as a side table, instead of humidor, so it was pretty clean. I went ahead and gave it a good bath though with TSP.

  • Once everything was dry I scuff-sanded the piece with 220 grit sandpaper.

  • After I sanded it, I vacuumed it really well and cleaned it again with Krud-Kutter.

The Staining Process

The Painting Process:

  • For the body of the piece I used Fiddle Leaf by Old Barn Milk Paint.I applied two coats with my Zibra 2” Palm Pro letting each coat dry well in-between.

  • Once both coats were dry, I lightly hand-sanded it with 220 girt sandpaper to give it an aged look. By doing this it added some depth to the piece. The paint also naturally chipped in a few places which was exactly what I wanted!

  • I sealed the entire piece with Clear Wax by Old Barn Milk Paint. After it sat on the piece for about 30 minutes, I buffed it with a shop towel to make it nice and smooth.

  • I added new knobs to match the dark oak top.

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